A new site, a new leaf, a neo-newness, same old, same old

In Site news on Sunday 23rd April, 2006 by Guy

Please allow me the opportunity to try again in asserting my online identity? Thank you.

It has been over three years since I started my first blog (still active, especially by my standards of activity) which now resides at, and about the same period of time since its thusfar most-read post, given how it was written less than a week after the blog's set-up. Wow, I used to write a lot. A lot of crap. A lot of crap that I still keep thinking, like a child who just won't stop believing in self-serving mythical creatures. If I was in any way smart, I'd probably be making a career out of it, instead of wondering about the point of it. Of course it's intellectual to wonder, and I'll never, I'm sure as sure can be [and sure is quite sure, I assure you], criticise true intellectual activity — not that such a thing could ever be done by mere humans — but when one is poor, one should really consider the opportunity cost of one's actions, and act accordingly. Or one could become two, but there's time for that yet if one only considers traditional methods of becoming two (so no chimeras, sadly). Perhaps I'm just trying to justify my lack of self-penned creative material.

For all sorts of boring reasons, this enhanced blog could just provide the right framework for publishing my occasionally-useful and -interesting thought processes (selectively edited for the sake of sanity, selfishness and to avoid being sued, an eternal worry of mine). Let's find out.


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