Two special visitors

In Site news on Saturday 27th May, 2006 by Guy

Looking through my blog logs [at last! I have always wanted to say that, and now I get to write it! Yay the internet], or more correctly my “dashboard” [which is not as cool, despite — what am I talking about: because! — its trekkie overtones], I noticed that two comments have been interned in the “Askimet spam jail” (I might be paraphrasing). These were rather timid affairs, consisting merely of a link each consisting of vaguely credit-card-related terms as well as the requisite .com and http and other such things. But still! This means I’m considered a site worth wasting computing power on, and hence my site has Value and Worth, and by another uncertain proxy, this means I have Value and Worth. Just because it’s been assigned to me by a Floridian con artist or somesuch doesn’t lessen the pride and joy I feel, or the desire to share it with you, dear Member of the Rest Of Humanity (or some other literate being, if that’s what it’s come to).

You’re welcome, again. You owe me.


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