BBC NEWS | Entertainment | 9/11 film criticised by families

In Media on Sunday 6th August, 2006 by Guy

While others contemplate the BBC’s coverage of the situation in the Middle East and its objectivity, or lack thereof, I shall present an exemplar of the BBC’s sloppy standards in obscurer news stories:

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | 9/11 film criticised by families

The headline to this article intrigued me — which film? and why would it be criticised by “families”? Do they mean, in the irritating and ambiguous dialect that is journalese, the families of the victims of 9/11, or people who are determined to shield their children from violent content, or what? — and so I felt compelled to read the whole story. I realised very soon into my reading that the headline is misleading, if not downright wrong. It is not the film that is being criticised, but the attitude of Paramount Pictures, the distributors of the film, and the director Oliver Stone, who had apparently refused to show some publicity films before every showing. It was not clear why they had refused. Good job BBC! The whole article is written in a very confused manner and leaves the reader not quite understanding what the point is, given how it mixes up reviews of the film into the same article.

There is also a strange quote from some Victim’s Relative that

“The best way for Oliver Stone and anyone in Hollywood to honour those who were killed in 9/11 is to make sure that it never happens again.”

Is she blaming them for making films instead of, say, engaging in espionage on al-Qaeda activities, or single-handedly assassinating terrorists and their ilk? A truly bizarre complaint.

On with my life. Yours too, I hope, but I’ll let you deal with that one.


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