Words for the Weekend 1

In Logophilia, Random fun stuff on Sunday 6th August, 2006 by Guy

It might already be Sunday as I type this and that, but this should not diminish the value of these first entries in the Words for the Weekend series. There are always other weekends to consider them. Don’t be so short-termist.

Eight words, all in English, first come first served:

  • inwrought [thank you von Mises, for the articles and the words they’re composed of, even though you are dead. I guess that isn’t your fault]
  • spoliation [ditto]
  • objurgate [ibid. He clearly used a big dictionary to create his works]
  • garnet [about as familiar a word to me as 石榴石, which is — yes! — the equivalent in Chinese]
  • miscegenation [a very useful word, and the demagogue in me can’t help but notice how it’s handily concorant with “misogynistic”. Courtesy of the vixen]
  • margaritaceous [gracias’s A.Word.A.Day RSS feed! No gracias for the silly name]
  • pulchritude [ditto]
  • proceleusmatic [oh so ditto]

More to follow, if I can catch them and when I find the will to display them. Like butterflies.


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