Pictures from a monogamous marriage ceremony

In Friendly fire on Tuesday 8th August, 2006 by Guy

…can be found through here, splendidly. [They have been left deliberately uncaptioned for reasons of security and torpescence.] What is so special about this particular conjugation is that it involves people familiar to me (though not overly so, I beg you note), these people regularly going by the monikers of Ben and Frances, who now share a common surname. Well done you lovebirds! May you enjoy your newlyfound mutual surname, your enhanced tax status, and the warm, fuzzy feeling — not dissimilar to that experienced when quaffing really good hot chocolate — that comes with knowing you’ve found The One, and proceeding to bag them in style, only to find out they want you too. I await the arrival of sprogs with minted breath and my evergreen digicam, oh yes.

Is it only Tuesday? I hardly noticed.


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