Some historical perspective on a present situation, methinks

In Politics on Thursday 10th August, 2006 by Guy

If you consider the current conflict between Hezbollah and Israel to have erupted for no reason, other than perhaps the bloodlust of the primitive protagonists, then please drink some water, take a deep breath, curse yourself quietly for being so ignorant (and piggish), and read about an incident that happened almost six years ago, when Hezbollah — that’s right, our favourite terrorist organisation de jour! — kidnapped some Israeli soldiers for no really good reason. On that occasion (and many others since and before) Israel decided not to begin a full-out assault, but the twist that time was that the UN showed itself to be, at the very least, an incompetent organisation not fit to act as peacekeepers, and with a slightly more realistic appraisal, rather unwilling to deal fairly with Israel’s concerns about the murderous militia on its border that makes the actual Lebanese army look like a group of Boy Scouts.

Oh well. The world carries on as before. Something to do with Brownian motion, perhaps.


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