Old-new photos incoming, all the way from China

In China, Travel on Monday 18th December, 2006 by Guy

It only took me over 10 weeks to upload any of my photographic evidence that I was indeed in China at all, so why, I mulled, not just link to said photos a mere week later? And so, after a titanic intellectual auto-struggle, I present to you the following hallowed blue underlined sequence of alphanumeric characters along with their friends the assorted punctuation marks:

That’s the link to the photos I just spoke of, for the dimmer amongst you (don’t worry, I don’t discriminate: I have no taste), and there are other visual goodies there for you to feast your voyeuristic eyes on. Just don’t do it literally.

The more decent of these photographs will be gradually uploaded to Flickr, and the most recent five of all my flickrfied pictures are always viewable on the left, though with no warranty implied as to the correctness of this information or the decency of the photographs.

Nu, that’s it children, I need to sleep now. Run along.


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