To the inventor of instant ramen: may you RIP. Now that you’re dead.

In Food on Monday 8th January, 2007 by Guy

The apparently undisputed inventor of ramen, Momofuku Ando, has died from a heart attack, only days after giving a speech to employees of Nissin, the company he founded 60 years ago in the wake of the Second World War. This is ironic, given how without his help I would probably be dead now from starvation. Instead, I am malnourished, but I won’t blame that on him, because it’s Sunday.

In memoriam, I was going to upload a picture of the “vermicelli” — known variously as cellophane noodles, or 粉丝 (written as fen3si1 in pinyin, which means “dust threads”, sort of) — I ruined instead of Mr. Ando’s offerings which I usually eat, but as I haven’t developed the negatives yet, you’ll have to make do with this superlative tribute to the great man, reproduced here, courtesy of lax copyright enforcement:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Adieu, sir. And thank you.


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