Quizmania confused viewers, viewers confuse everyone else as to why they watch such rubbish while sober

In Media on Thursday 18th January, 2007 by Guy

Quizmania confused viewers [source: Digital Spy]

Ofcom has criticised ITV over a Quizmania question which had bizarre and confusing answers.

The late-night show on ITV Play encourages viewers to ring premium-rate phone lines to answer questions which are posed on the programme.

Complaints were received after the audience was asked to guess 14 answers to the question “Whats in a womans handbag?” After viewers guessed items including a mobile phone, plane tickets and driving licence they were told they had failed to identify others, including a balaclava and DIY Rawlplugs.

Ofcom upheld the complaints, stating that the “unreasonable” answers could not have been guessed.

What is a rawlplug? What is wrong with these people? If these questions are not too difficult to use on the program, I’ll gladly sell them at a very reasonable rate. You can see how much I respect “intellectual property”.


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