Brazil’s “foreign” policy?

In Politics, Random fun stuff, The Economist on Tuesday 20th March, 2007 by Guy

George William Bush went on a short vacation to South and Central America recently at the American taxpayers’ expense, and in return he agreed to meet those funny-talkin’ people who run the place. In Brazil they talk real funny:

There was no visible progress on the Doha round of world trade talks, though the American trade representative, Susan Schwab, spent an extra day in São Paulo to talk to Brazilian officials and industrialists. And Lula, somewhat mystifyingly, insisted that “we’re going firmly toward finding the so-called G-spot for making a deal.” [my emphasis, as if it were needed]


Why wasn’t this the top story of every self-respecting news organisation in the world? The only online articles I can find about it are from the Guardian’s blog-thing (well done on this count) and… which has exactly the same article (I retract my compliment. Bad Guardian, bad!).

So what’s going on there then? Any and all ideas welcome, especially if they’re totally irrelevant.


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