How the British make laws

In House of Lords, Politics on Tuesday 17th March, 2009 by Guy

This has to be read to be believed. It is a description by Frances Gertrue Clair “Baroness” D’Souza, CMG, a member of the House of Lords, of an attempt by a Liberal Democrat peer to restrict membership of that club only to people who are registered to pay tax in the UK. A reasonable aim, you might think, and certainly one that should be
discussed seriously.

Or, if you have no respect for ethics or even a desire to look like you’re concerned with ethics, you could take advantage of the Government’s power to schedule time to discuss Bills — which in this case was about two hours — and just talk a lot about nothing particularly relevant until time has run out.

This is actually a real tactic, and is called a “filibuster”. Read the whole debate, if you dare, if you can understand it, and sigh with despair or boredom or frustration. This is how laws are made around here.


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