Articles — does it exist? (And can we prove it one way or the other?)

In Governmental stupidity, Politics, Taxpayers' Money Bonfire on Saturday 20th February, 2010 by Guy Tagged: ,

Climate Change is (supposed to be) important, particularly to parasites on society the Government and other do-gooders.

So what happened to According to, which tracks the history of webpages (and therefore is more than entitled to its cool name of “the WayBack Machine”), was set up around the end of 2005, and regularly updated until about October 2007 or so. Then around March 2008 the domain was re-directed to (which still exists), but the WayBack Machine was blocked from archiving that.

Now all you get is redirected to;key=8686852b454348e4ef1698aeef2aef41, and provided with a blank page for the privilege. What’s going on?

Who is in charge of Not the Government. It seems to be owned by an ISP called Heart Internet. Why? Was this intended?

Another Freedom of Information request needed? *sigh*…

Update: Now one just gets error “502 Bad Gateway”. FOI request is here.

Update: I meant, not, and have edited this post accordingly. The FOI request has been answered with this correction and some information. The gist is that the budget for the domain ran out, and that’s that. Why it redirects to the particular IP above is still a mystery…


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