Medical jargon I’ve had the misfortune to encounter, and the meanings I eventually discovered they have

In Facty facts, Random fun stuff on Saturday 17th July, 2010 by Guy

Come and learn from my suffering, so that all of personkind may benefit:

Jargon Meaning
Refractory Resisting treatment
Sequelae Consequences
Angelman’s syndrome Happy puppet syndrome*
Pseudomamma Third nipple**

* This is such a biscuit-take of a name, but sadly typical in the medical profession. A defining quote from the linked article:

In 1982 Williams and Jaime L. Frias suggested that the eponym “Angelman” should replace the descriptive title of the condition, in order to avoid any possible offence to the families of affected persons.

[emphasis mine]

It does beggar belief.

** Yes, really.


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